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We all want some sense of what we are getting into, and so for those of you who haven't had a session with me before, here is a quick summary of a typical session…with the disclaimer that every session is totally unique content-wise because it is completely tailored to you and your life. 


Arrive and take your shoes off at the door.  


Come in and take a seat on the couch. 


Talk through where you are right now in your life (what do you want more of in your life, what do you want less of), talk through intention for the session (expectations, hopes, the intention or focus of the session for you), ask any questions you have and then settle in to a cozy space for the session (sitting on the couch, chair or massage table, depending on the type of work we will use). 


Begin the session. Clear your mind of stressors and connect to the present moment. 


I test for what is the best approach TODAY for clearing and shifting what is blocking your path at this moment. 


You relax while I do the work. Occasionally, I ask you to breathe when energy is releasing. I also ask you what you are noticing at different points, when your energy indicates that it would help you stay engaged in the session or when something specific is supposed to be a part of the session (for example, you need to mentally process something to increase your awareness of a pattern that is getting you stuck). ​


At the end, you drink the filtered mineralized water that I provide while you connect back in with regular life (it's like the feeling of coming out of a deep meditation or hypnosis for most people). 

That's it! Very simple, but very powerful. Please check out the testimonials if you want to see some of the common outcomes that people receive from this work. 
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