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Empath Workshop for Men

Have you recognized that you deeply care, but interact with your life and your relationships from a place of exhaustion and don't feel you have the energy to make things better? Do you ever feel unable to let life work out for you? Do you often feel stuck in the same dis-empowering patterns that keep you feeling disconnected from yourself and those you love? Then, it's time for a change--to uncover and use your gifts as an empath to transform your life into one that was previously beyond your grasp.

are you an empath?

Are you wondering if you are an empath? A large number of empathic men are "detached" from this aspect of themselves. Understanding and re-incorporating your natural empathic gifts can add clarity and meaning to your life. If you can relate to the following, there is a good chance you are an empath:

  • You regularly think about being free to live exactly as you feel to, free of others’ opinions, needs or demands.

  • You need alone time to recharge after being around a lot of people or emotion.

  • You are really hard on yourself and feel terrible when you let someone else down. You believe that you could have done something better, and you dwell on it.

  • As an adult, you feel as though you have "turned off" your emotions – sometimes you don’t know what you are feeling and wonder if you can truly connect with life or relationships deeply.

  • You often hold things inside to not upset others. You want to make sure everyone's comfortable.

  • You notice you are irritable around people who express a lot of emotion and though you know you care, deep down, you may sometimes feel like you swing back and forth from being a really nice guy to being a jerk

  • There are times when you feel completely connected and loving to those closest to you, and other times you find yourself pushing away or emotionally escaping from them.

  • You find having multiple deadlines, being observed, or being in chaotic environments particularly irritating or distressing.


Do you wonder how you can be more connected to yourself and to others? How you can feel empowered when you work with others, rather than irritated and disempowered? How you can release the habits that have been holding you back? The key to all of that is understanding your gift of being an empath.

You have natural abilities to connect deeply with yourself and others, though your abilities have been hidden. During this workshop we will:


  • Raise awareness of your own gifts and skills as an empath and why they have been held back throughout your life

  • Connect to your personal power and release habits that are holding you back

  • Discuss why it may be difficult to feel and express emotion and reclaim your gift to feel deep empathy

  • Experience simple ways to manage, regulate and balance your energy

  • Receive more in your life, balancing the scales of giving and receiving


Please join us for a hands-on and interactive 2-hour class led by Ava Wells, where we will learn more about what it means to be an empath and practice tools to manage, regulate and balance the energy overwhelm that is so common with this gift. 

*You will also receive information to take with you and use in your own daily practice.

let's turn it around

Thinking Man

Online Course - Coming Soon
Price: $250

Location: online course

Future In-Person Dates Will Be Available

Please bring a journal, water, and an open mind – the rest will be provided.

*Healthy, allergy-sensitive snacks included



Ava Wells is an Energy Worker and Life Coach. As an empath herself, Ava has spent 10+ years searching for tools to help empaths and highly-sensitive people. In her practice, she guides clients to greater awareness of their gifts and provides practical tools to harness them.


Learn more about Ava

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