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personal freedom is found through clarity

My company is called, Coming to Clarity. It unites coaching tools with practical forms of energy work. The Coming to Clarity process is about freeing yourself from the blocks that get in the way of growth to achieve what you want in life.

Our experiences naturally create thoughts, emotions, feelings, which we either observe or attach to. Once attached, we either process them or bury them inside by choice or because we didn’t know any better, such as when we were children and didn’t have the tools to process them.

Those we bury remain hidden until triggered or connected to an experience, and then we act in ways that feel contrary to who we really are and who we know we can be. These unprocessed experiences create blockages to our growth and are often at the root of anxiety, weight gain, sadness, depression, addiction, unresolved grief, resentment, co-dependency, and other challenges.

As we work to overcome these and other challenges, our minds can become trapped in patterns. Even when we cognitively learn something that would seem to free us from the cycle, it’s common to fall right back in after a time. WHY? Because of the energy that the unprocessed experiences continue to direct to old patterns, usually subconsciously. Something inside is holding on to the old patterns for a reason—there is always a purpose in our behavior, but it can be difficult, or feel impossible, to reach. We spend thousands of dollars on clinics, retreats, therapy, etc. to correct unwanted patterns. These programs can be effective for some, but for many it’s hard to find permanent change. Often, the reason is that we are working as hard as we can at chopping away the wily, unwanted branches of the tree but the roots remain intact and eventually the branches grow back.


Engage the energy body to pinpoint the buried experience and address it. The energy body is a powerful part of ourselves that our Western culture doesn’t teach us about. I will help you access that energy, so that you can use it in your life to find clarity, to free yourself from the hidden, hard-to-access blockages that are holding you back. If you can see it, you’re one step away from freedom, and I will show you how to get there.

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