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Aftercare Support

How can I support my session?
What can I expect after an energy session?
How do I recognize mental resistance to change and what can I do?
Other Tools and Resources

How can I support my session today?

After a session it’s important to keep the energy flowing and support the session with the choices you make. Here are typical ways of doing this:


  • Take 3 to 5 minutes after a session to note any important thoughts that came up during the session and anything you feel to do or change. Do this as soon as possible after the session – if possible within 30 minutes.

  • Drink water.  A lot of water! As much water as you feel comfortable drinking.

  • Take a salt water bath. Salt water is a great electrical conductor and so it allows the subtle electricity that we enhanced during your session to dispel more easily. It supports the body in detoxifying or releasing any chemical components of blockages released from the energy field. It also feels great and is relaxing!

    • How to make a salt water bath - Take a salt water bath by putting 1 to 2 cups of Epsom or sea salt into a bath and sit in it for at least 20 minutes.

  • Ground/Earth by standing outside for 5 – 15 minutes without shoes (see website for more info).

  • If emotions arise, try to not resist them or attach to them, but rather lean into them and allow them to be felt fully and so they can resolve and release completely.

  • Give yourself permission to begin living life differently – even in small ways – by choosing to be your true self. Speak your truth with kindness, be authentic, trust your intuition – and choose to let go of worrying about how others will respond. If you are living from a place of truth and love, it will all work out. This greatly enhances the speed at which you will see life changes from your session. And so, give it a try, but remember that this can take time. Be patient and compassionate with yourself.


If I gave you an exercise or two, start them today and schedule a time to do them each day, as recommended.

What can I expect after an energy session?

Most people feel more light, clear, calm, connected and relaxed. However, everyone is different and has a unique experience and so it’s important to value your unique process – whatever it is.


Some less common, but possible reactions* are:


  • Profound exhaustion and tiredness. This most common with someone who has been ‘running on empty’ and came to the session feeling depleted. Your natural instinct to heal and take care of yourself is surfacing. Give your body the rest it is asking for and take time to yourself.

  • An increase in emotional release (e.g.: crying a lot, feeling anger or frustration, etc.). This is more common with those who previously masked or buried emotions. Lean into these emotions and release, as described above.

  • In rare instances: a detox or flu-like feeling, headache or dizziness. The above suggestions to drink water, ground outside and/or take a salt water bath normally take care of this quickly. Please reach out to me if this does not pass within a day and so I can give you support.


*All of these reactions, even if they are uncomfortable in the moment, are great signs that we are clearing out the build-up of unresolved emotions and connected physical symptoms. Make sure to celebrate the work that you are doing to move forward. 

How do I recognize mental resistance to change & what can I do?

This work is amazing and I have seen people receive miraculous results in all areas of their life, but there is always one part of us that resists change: our mind. There is a part of our mind, whose job is to keep us safe and so we can live for one more day. It’s typically called our ego and it gets a bad rap, but it really wants to make sure that we are safe. And so, if it’s a fight between safety and change, it always chooses safety. Even if that means that we live life in a small and controlling way. The ego feels great discomfort, fear and even panic when it comes to change because it can’t know if a new you will lead to a dangerous situation. It can’t know anything about the unknown. And so, sometimes it works hard to keep us from changing.


What Can I Do?

First, celebrate! When resistance comes and you are feeling uncomfortable or even out of control in your world because everything is shifting and changing, that means you are getting there! You are doing the work and you are entering a new phase of life as you get closer to the true you. It might be uncomfortable for a brief time period, but remember that it signifies that you are just on the cusp of living your dream life. Hold on and let yourself feel the discomfort because that will help it to shift more quickly.


Recognize that a change in your energy, your thoughts and feelings can even affect how you physically feel (affect your body chemistry) and that you may feel nervous, frightened, agitated or extra tired.


REMEMBER, you have spent YEARS creating your current life and patterns, so it usually takes time to shift into a new space. Be patient with yourself and your process. Value the journey and allow and accept it without trying to change it. Give yourself time to adjust and re-calibrate in this new space as you acknowledge all of the old baggage that you might feel one last time as it shifts out of your space.


Make sure to reinforce that you are good and safe and worth the effort.


It can seem like a negative process, but it is actually a very positive and natural one. It can feel uncomfortable, but it is worth going through – it is the only way through. It is a sign that something old is clearing out and making way for something new. Remember, there can be physical, mental and emotional aspects to resistance.


When this time of transition occurs, remind yourself, “There is nothing to fear. This is the healing process. And healing can be scary. It can be hard; it can take time as well as energy. But it is always worth it. I choose to heal and release the old to make way for better things. I am grateful for this time of change. I choose to relax and surrender to the process in love.”


Let go of all ideas of loss and fear of loss. Trust yourself. Trust the Universe. Trust the process.

Other Tools and Resources

  • Journal: Get out what you are feeling in a tangible form by writing it on paper. Recognize that you are just feeling discomfort because it is new and unknown. Then, start to write why you are willing to let your world change and what you are hoping for.

  • Share: Talk to a friend or schedule a time to talk through your transition with me. Sometimes we discount or invalidate how we feel, which might undermine our progress or even stop us from moving forward to avoid feeling our feelings of discomfort. Make a plan to do the opposite.

  • Meditate: Practice meditation or listen to a guided visualization. Trying anything that helps you to deliberately feel the discomfort and focus on it will help it to resolve MUCH more quickly.

    • Meditate and visualize your discomfort as a person that is separate and sitting across from you. What do they look like? If you send them love, do they shift and change?

    • Free meditation apps that I recommend: Insight Timer (the best app for a ton of free guided meditations on any topic), Oak (great for simple meditation options), and Headspace (if you want more training).

  • Express: through body movement or creative creation. This could be yoga, dance, art, or something else.


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