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True clarity comes from within — let me help you find it

About Ava

My own healing journey created this healing process

I am excited to welcome you to a unique form of healing.


It is faster, more effective, and much more fun than other routes. 


You will learn things about yourself that you have always needed to know. And in the process of peeling away the distortions - who you thought you were - you will connect with your truest self.

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Image by Jeff Finley

Donna M.

Thanks again for the sessions we had together, I have felt a world of difference in my self-confidence and outlook on life.  The self-deprecating tapes are vanishing, my attitude is more positive than ever, I am learning to let go of what I can't control and what is none of my business. 


Image by Jeff Finley

Melissa A.

I’ve gone to a lot of energy workers over the years, but I don’t mess around with other energy workers anymore. Ava is my go-to for energy work. She is solid. She knows her stuff. She gets you there.

Image by Jeff Finley

Jessica P.

In her sessions, Ava expresses genuine compassion, acceptance, and love. Her knowledge, gifts, and personal life experiences have given her the ability to understand and assist anyone coming from any background to heal and move forward in their lives.

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