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Gosh Ava. You’ve made such a difference in my life. Truly. Working with you has been the most helpful thing to get me on my path. 💜




I started sessions with Ava about 4 months ago. After a lifetime of negative thought patterns, shame, and feelings of unworthiness I was desperate for change. I knew I had to do something but I felt blocked, hopeless, and lost. My therapist introduced me to concepts such as neural pathways and inner child work. This prepared me for my next period of healing with Ava.


Ava’s combined experience as a life-coach and an energy worker helped to accelerate my healing. Through our onsite sessions, guided homework assignments, and occasional distance phone calls I have been reunited with my true self. I now wake up happy, am more patient with myself and family members, am no longer emotionally eating. Even more importantly, I now actually love myself and know I have worth.


I was skeptical at first, but because I knew I needed to make major shifts in my thinking I came with an open mind. Energy work and meditation has now become part of my daily practice and I feel peace knowing this is just the beginning for me.

This is life-altering work. 

I went through years of therapy and learned a lot about myself. A few sessions with Ava took me beyond learning into real change and forward movement where I previously felt stuck.


My session with Ava was everything I had been needing. She facilitated the session with kindness, gentleness, intuitiveness, and expertise. I felt safe and respected, which allowed me to go deep. I so appreciated her explanations, and that she gained consent to do her work at each step of the way. I felt an immense shift the following day, and still do! I'm amazed at how the intentions I went in with are manifesting themselves in noticeable ways. I am so grateful for Ava, and her ability to hold space for her clients. She is doing an important work. 


Dear Ava, these sessions with you have brought the most astonishing results ever.  I have had therapists before who were helpful, but your work gets to the crux of the problem and within minutes of leaving your presence, I am a different person.  I no longer carry the burdens of my parents' marriage or past, I truly am loved by my Heavenly Father, I feel stronger, more capable, no longer a victim, I can stand up for myself.  I am a woman of worth and deserve respect.  

Your sessions are loving and kind and to the point.  Everything I have learned is parallel with the teachings of our Savior, which is important to me.  Thank you and I recommend any who are hesitant to contact you, to give it a try.


 My life is so blessed to have Ava as my coach and energy worker. I

I experience TRUE progress after each session.


I’ve gone to a lot of energy workers over the years, but I don’t mess around with other energy workers anymore. Ava is my go-to for energy work. She is solid. She knows her stuff. She gets you there.


Ava is a powerful energy worker. She has helped me shift and change in ways that are allowing me to move forward in my life. In our sessions, she always holds space for me and helps me feels safe regardless of what comes up. There’s never any judgement. I always feel uplifted and encouraged to make the changes I need to better my life. She works quickly and efficiently and is very intuitive—always doing the next best thing that needs to be done in order to help me progress. Thank you Ava!


Ava is incredible to work with! She is open and easy to connect with and refreshingly positive. She effectively holds the context so her clients can really get what they want out of each session with her and she does a great job at creating a dialogue to ensure the client feels comfortable and safe. I had such a great experience working with her that now my friends and family go to her too.


In her sessions, Ava expresses genuine compassion, acceptance, and love. Her knowledge, gifts, and personal life experiences have given her the ability to understand and assist anyone coming from any background to heal and move forward in their lives.


Hey Ava, I just wanted to check in with you. I feel so much more grounded and working with you has allowed more peace to enter my life! I feel more focused and motivated. Also, I hope this is okay but I've given your information to 3 of my family members who really need help right now. I’ve told them how amazing you are with energy work and I really hope they reach out. Nothing but this work could have gotten me to where I’m at right now - to feeling a light in all the darkness.


 My last session with you was so amazing and life

has been so much easier and many great things have been happening!



Ava’s methods with energy work are incredible! She’s a highly gifted energy healer. If you are feeling stuck and you can’t seem to figure out why? Or you have been to traditional counseling and you can’t seem to break past those seemingly impossible barriers. Shes the “energetic counselor” you’ve been waiting for! I have noticed a profound difference in my energetic field/aura since going to Ava. I’m attracting more abundance, love and gratitude than ever before. Her light and transparency are genuine and you can’t help but feel more whole in her presence. She will inspire you to shine your own light.  


“For me, energy work was the missing link in healing my trauma. It has helped me truly connect to my core self and hold all parts of me with compassion. My sessions with Ava have always resonated with me. I feel safe in her presence and her space. I notice shifts in my energy during the session as well as days and weeks later. I notice I have more energy, more clarity, I feel more grounded and I find more manifestation occurring in my life. It has been life changing.”


My sessions with Ava are a paradigm shift for my life. I have learned a new perspective on how to approach my healing which is gentle, compassionate, forgiving and encouraging. Learning to approach my healing with compassion and from an observer perspective has allowed me to hold space for myself. I am more patient with myself and I allow emotions to come and go with the understanding that they are ok.


Because she incorporates energy work and coaching, during the sessions I am able to process at an accelerated rate, by clearing off the past in my energy field and then helping me understand with my mind how to go forward and integrate the new energy so I keep progressing and do not fall back into old dysfunctional protective self behaviors.


Thanks again for the sessions we had together, I have felt a world of difference in my self-confidence and outlook on life.  The self-deprecating tapes are vanishing, my attitude is more positive than ever, I am learning to let go of what I can't control and what is none of my business. 

Life changing!!!  Keep up your good work. 


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