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Lifewave Patches

Light Therapy to Support Energy Work

What are Lifewave Patches?

Lifewave patches are a form of phototherapy that use your own light or energy to promote self-healing. They look like a small, round Band-Aid with a white circle on the inside. This circle is a crystalline structure made of organic compounds (like sugar and salt). When placed on the body, the crystalline structure traps heat (infrared light) that you naturally emit and reflects it back at wavelengths designed for specific health benefits (see descriptions below). There are no side effects. My personal experience is that they also have powerful emotional and energetic benefits. I recommend using them with energy sessions and in everyday life.

How do Patches Support Energy Work?

I have found that LifeWave patches complement energy work by supporting and maintaining a healthy energy flow, often reinforcing the ways in which we are retraining your energy flow in a session. In addition, they elevate energy awareness and bridge the gap between the energy shifts in a session and physical and emotional healing. I will often place patches on clients at the end of a session to reinforce the work we’ve done together. I've found that they create a consistent support, since they reflect your own energy back to you, and I’ve notice that people receive a more lasting shift with additional health benefits.

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The below descriptions include my personal experiences with LifeWave patches and how I have seen them affect my clients. Please see the link to the right for a summary of the benefits documented in clinical studies:
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Screen Shot 2020-10-03 at 3.04.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-03 at 3.30.15 PM.png

Nirvana - Align, Ground, Feel

Used to align with yourself; ground in your truth; feel love

From my experience, this patch is great at helping you feel what you’re feeling more clearly, boosting your endorphins, retraining the energy flow to include more light and love connections (sometimes by clearing a heart block), and promoting a more grounded energy movement.


Here is my experience using this patch for the first time:  I put it right over my heart (chakra), and I instantly felt an opening. It was like I could suddenly breathe deeper and my body felt lighter. My posture changed, my shoulders, which habitually slump, pulled back, and my neck straightened. I felt more alive and light and happy with a stillness and peace that was foundational to it all.

AEON - Calm

Used to relax the nervous system; create calm; release inflammation

Aeon is probably my favorite patch. When I put it on, I feel a wave of calm wash over me from head to toe. My nervous system relaxes, my mind clears, and my pain and tension diminish. The first time I put it on I felt the tension in my body release and energy flow up to my head and down through my spine and into my body with a calm and cooling effect.


I love that while it always calms by body it allows my mind to be more awake, aware and clear.

Ice Wave - Release Pain

Used to connect; change the message

Ice Wave focuses the energy flow in an area while changing the message from an intense pain warning to calm. Depending on your intention and where you place the patches, they can calm the pain or reduce it to nothing in seconds. Each situation is different, and I have seen that this works for most people but requires you to still hear what the pain was trying to teach you, or the pain doesn’t reduce as easily or as permanently. 

X39 - Deep Restoration

Used to accelerate and deepen ALL health benefits and also slow the aging process

X39  is the powerhouse patch that does just about everything. It may take a bit more time to see results (4 weeks or more), but it changes things down to the core by prompting stem cell production and bringing your vitality to a level you haven’t seen since you were in your 20’s… that’s my experience. When I first put X39 on, I felt a deep movement. Lighting up my body from the core and moving out to my extremities. I could feel the call to all of the cells of the body and the flow of my energy and heard the word "restore" repeat over and over again. As I continue to wear it, I feel more steady and grounded every day. My health seems to consistently be going in the right direction…which was always problematic before.

Energy Enhancer - Natural Boost

Used to shift gears; boost energy and endurance; speed the movement; allow more

Energy Enhancer accelerates metabolism, increases stamina and strength, and boosts energy and endurance. When I wear the energy patches, I feel the word ‘shift’ - switch gears with mitochondria. It’s safe to come out of survival mode. I feel it draw the flow of energy down to wherever I put it and speed up the flow or movement of energy in my body. 

Glutathione - Release / Detox

Used to detoxify; support emotional release

Glutathione is the body's natural master antioxidant for detoxification. Glutathione is an extremely useful support system to repair cell damage due to stress, pollution, radiation, and infection. It's found in virtually every cell of your body, and I've found that it greatly supports energetic, emotional, and physical releases. Clients who use glutathione patches after a deep release session or detox session, continue to release after the session and receive deeper results.

Carnosine - Reframe

Used to reframe brainwaves, memory, flexibility, strength and healing time

Carnosine changes your context. You can focus more, remember more, think different thoughts (it personally helped my PTSD), stretch more, do more, heal more than you previously thought you could. When I wear the carnosine patches, I feel the word ‘reframe’ because when I use it on my head, it alters the way my brain works and how it feels; when I use it on my muscles, it alters the way they move and flex; and when I use them on my heart I have more steadiness and more stamina. I have also noticed that if I overdo it - I can use carnonsine patches to avoid lactic acid buildup in my muscles. It changes my context for life.

SP6 Complete - Hormone & Health Balance

Used to improve physiological functions; balance hormones and health

SP6 balances and controls appetite, reduces cravings, and helps to adjusts hormones to natural levels. It is often used to compliment a weight loss program or hormone adjustments. I find it beneficial for getting out of addiction cycles (my personal addiction struggle is with dark chocolate).

Silent Nights - Rest & Rejuvenate 

Used to promote healing that only happens during deep rest

Silent Nights signals the body to produce its own melatonin to achieve quality sleep and enter deep restful sleep in the delta brainwave state. It has been shown to increase the effective length of sleep by 66 percent and to reduce jetlag and snoring.

Alavida- Deep Skin Care

Used to promote skin health and rejuvenation and focus

Alavida improves the health of your skin from the inside out, deeply improving skin hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promoting collagen growth. It also reduces oxidative stress and free radicals. In addition to its skincare benefits, many people experience a substantial clearing of the pituitary gland, referred to as the body's 'master gland' because it controls the activity of most other hormone-secreting glands. This also impacts your energetic vision. If you come to a live energy session with me, you will likely see me with an Alavida patch on my forehead, over my third eye. I have found that it significantly enhances my energetic vision.

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