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Defining ENERGY can be very simple or very complex. It can be in layman's terms or in detailed scientific terms.


For simplicity - energy is frequency, vibration and electricity


As stated by Max Planck, Nobel Prize Winner (1918), "We have now discovered that there is no such thing as matter; it is all just different rates of vibration..." It's all the same thing, but in different forms. The specific form we work with in energy therapy is electromagnetic or 'subtle energy' - a form of electricity that runs through all of your body and is essential to life (see additional information on the human energy field below). 


Energy work (also known as energy healing or energy therapy) shifts the underlying issues to all challenges (emotional, mental and physical) through connecting with this electricity and moving it towards balance. It is graceful, even when it is intense, at moving us towards health in all areas.


The biggest hurdle for most people is that they have not been taught to see it or feel it, and so they feel unsure if their energy - or energy body as I like to call it - even exists. But one session changes this. I teach you to feel your energy as we move and work with it during a session, and you begin to understand how to use your physical senses to feel what is happening in your energy field.


Just like we have learned to use our physical bodies since we were born, we can learn to use our energy bodies. Just like we have learned to understand the sensations that our physical bodies have and what they mean, we can learn to sense our energy bodies and use the information we receive to work with it and gain understanding. Training enhances our understanding of how to tap into this. A big part of what I do with my clients is to train them to be aware of their own energy body and so they can begin to learn how to work with it. We are all so individual, and so it can be really helpful to have the support of a trained guide. Becoming aware of your energy body opens up a new level of possibility - a new level of understanding ourselves, our lives and our choices. That's where clarity comes in.

Energy Work Q&A

What is the human energy field?

It is the area of subtle electricity that runs through your body and typically expands outward for a few feet. It is essential to life. Common terms for it are: energy field, chi and aura. The National Institute of Health (NIH) also coined the term 'biofield' to describe this electrical space in 1994, legitimizing its existence.

What are chakras?

Chakras are the name used for areas of increased electricity or energy in your energy field. Each location is associated with a major endocrine glad and/or major nerve plexus. There are 7 main energy centers or chakras that are used in energy healing (as listed below).


1st Chakra - Root

2nd Chakra - Sacral

3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus

4th Chakra - Heart

5th Chakra - Throat

6th Chakra - 3rd Eye

7th Chakra - Crown


How do you know what is going on in someone's energy field?

There are MANY ways to know what is going on in someone's energy field. That is why there are so many modalities of energy work and why I continue to get more training every year.

How can I work with my energy on my own?

This is a great question! There are so many ways, and I teach you more about this during sessions when it is indicated. Some simple things you can do on your own to shift your energy are: become aware of it; shift how you speak and think to a higher vibration pattern; use sound and music to notice the effect of other frequencies on your frequency; learn how to meditate; and many, many more. Look at articles on our blog or the information on 'How to get more out of your session' to find additional ideas and information.


Is energy work religious?

No. Not in any way. I have clients from all different backgrounds and belief systems. Religion is only a part of our conversation if it is something a clients brings up.


Will energy work interfere with my current spiritual practices?

No. If anything, energy work enhances spiritual practices because it increases your personal awareness and personal power. It reduces the number of things getting in your way and elevates whatever you choose to do in your life. Most energy workers categorize it as personal development. And so, to summarize, it is does not change or get in the way of your current religious or spiritual life; it changes you.

That's it! Very simple, but very powerful. Please check out the testimonials if you want to see some of the common outcomes that people receive from this work. 
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