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In a Coming to Clarity session, I will help you remove hard-to-access energy blocks that are holding you back from seeing your life clearly and moving forward in freedom. Let's team up!


Read testimonials for a glimpse of others' experiences with Coming to Clarity.

CORONAVIRUS SCHEDULING UPDATE: Zoom Sessions (video or audio) are now being offered. By signing up for a live session, you are agreeing to take on all personal risk related to COVID-19.

*Scroll to the bottom for a brief description of each session type.

More about Clarity Sessions

First Session

First Sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes. I give the additional time for free as a gift to you. To thank you for trusting me to do this work. Come prepared with your thoughts on where you are in your life right now and what you want to work on. The First Session Form will help you do this and help me to be prepared to work with you. Another great step, if you have the time, is to read "How to Prepare" (see above link) for your session. If you don't have any time for this, then just show up ready to shift and change and see your life in a new light!

60-Minute Live Session

60-minute sessions are the typical length for an energy session. Please come prepared with your intention for the session--what you would like to accomplish, with the knowledge that we are co-creating this change in your life together. Please complete the Regular Session Form in preparation.

90-Minute Live Session

90-minute sessions are the right length for you if you would like to talk for 20 minutes or so at the beginning and have a mini coaching experience before diving into the energy work. This is a beautiful option for those who are going through a lot in their life and know that talking through the issues before clearing them would be helpful. Please complete the Regular Session Form in preparation.

60-Minute Distance Session

60-minute distance sessions are a great way to keep the momentum going when you can't make it in for a follow-up session. They are also a great way to help a loved one (child, significant other or close friend) who needs a lift in their life right now.


These sessions require information from you up front, specifying what you are wanting to work on, what is going on in your life (or the life of the person you are booking it for) and a few other details necessary for the session. If this is a first session for someone else, please complete the First Session Form; otherwise, the Regular Session Form is used.


*Please see additional notes on distance sessions below to understand how they work.

20-Minute Follow-up or Distance Session

20-minute follow-up sessions are perfect for someone who has had a session with me before and would like a minor tune-up on how things are feeling or to discuss prior sessions in more detail.

More about Distance Sessions

With a distance session, I work on someone's energy body while they are not physically present. I do the same things that I would in a live session but send the energy to the person wherever they are. Because energy is not limited by time or space, the work is just as powerful. Having said this, many clients prefer live sessions, and so they can feel more engaged with the work.


At the end of your session, I send you a 5-minute summary of the session via e-mail.

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