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I want to be clear from the beginning: no preparation or work is needed to get life changing results from your session. Period.


However, I've noticed that if you prepare and engage in your session, you are more likely get bigger results and faster results.  


Because of my love for my clients and for this work, I've put together a few pointers and so anyone who is interested and feels pulled to be more involved has some awareness of how they can do that. As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions or if you have an additional tip that you feel would help others.


See below for my suggestions, and scroll to the bottom for a quick synopsis. 

*For more information for post-session support, go to the Aftercare Support page.


Prepare beforehand by doing some or all of the following: 

  • Fill out the preparation sheet that you receive when you schedule your appointment. 

  • Set your intention (this is in the prep sheet - what do you want to get out of the session?) 

  • Listen to the "understand energy work with Ava" audio description to understand the process.

  • State your intention to yourself and notice what you feel. Do you believe you'll get exactly what you need out of this session? If not, ask yourself why and observe what comes up for you. Let go of anything blocking your intention. If you don't feel blockages clearing, don't worry. We'll work on that during your session. 

  • Maintain a focused intent to receive what you need—anything that is specific for this visit that you are seeking to understand or resolve 


Clear your mind as you drive to the session or prepare for the distance work  

  • Take deep breaths  

  • Relax and observe what you are feeling (be connected to what is going on with you right now by observing without judging or attaching to it or creating a story around it. Simply observe.



Be fully present during the session 

  • Turn off your phone before coming in 

  • Clear your mind as we start 


*Engage in the work during your session—those who let themselves feel the most, release the most.*

Tune in 

We are working with your life—whether it be on the level of energy, emotion, thoughts or physical sensations. You will have the opportunity to be tuned in to what is going on and contribute whatever you feel is supposed to be a part of the session.  


I challenge you to let go of inhibitions in a session and put your faith and intention into the process. That being said, there is no shame in resistance or fear or doubt, that is part of the session too and we work with that, but come with the intention to be a part of the work and receive what is right for you at this point in your journey. You can positively alter the session by engaging with it in various ways (listed below).  

Trust your intuition

If you feel your intuition prompting you to express something (a thought, memory, word, color, sensation), then trust it and it will enhance the session. This is a unique process and both the energy worker and the client are integral parts to what is going on. Never feel that your part is unnecessary or your contribution trivial. 

  • Additional awareness - Say whatever you feel to say in a session and this definitely is meant to be a part of the session, but also be aware of yourself. If you don't feel to talk, then go with that and so the session can be all that it's meant to be. 

Let go

Some of my clients will say as they are leaving, "I felt to shout something in the session, but I was worried about what you would think." You might not know me well yet, but I hold space for everyone who steps into my door and into my life. Don't worry about me. If you feel to move, shout, say something . . . just go for it. My clients who know me well just go for it, and they find they get more out of the session when they realize it's an opportunity to express whatever needs to be expressed. Let go of inhibitions. 



Breathe deeply throughout the session. This really makes a difference. Notice how much I breathe and when I breathe to keep reminding you to breathe. When you feel more coming up for you in the session, breathe more. 


Repeat your intention or focus for the session and remind yourself that the answers are there for you to have. 


Visualize the energy that you feel moving, intensify the work and what you are feeling by imagining it and choosing to feel it fully. 

Work with Resistance

Resistance can and does come up for everyone at different points. This doesn't mean you are somehow trying to sabotage what we are doing. It typically means something inside you is scared of change. If you acknowledge the feeling and accept that it is what you feel RIGHT NOW instead of fighting it or believing it as your reality, it quickly dissolves 


Take 3 minutes and note anything important—truths that arose or anything that you felt to do or change. Do this as soon as possible and within 30 minutes of the session.


Facilitate the release of remaining heavy stuff that's meant to go by: 

  • Grounding. Stand outside in socks, bare feet or shoes that don't have any rubber or plastic (blocks electricity and we are working with subtle energy which is a form of electricity). Standing outside for even 30 seconds really makes a difference. Somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes is ideal. 

  • Bathing. Take a salt water bath by putting 1 to 2 cups of Epsom salt into a bath and sit in it for at least 20 minutes. Salt water is a great electrical conductor and so it allows the subtle electricity that we enhanced during your session to dispel more easily. It also feels great and is relaxing! It is unusual (reported to be less than 20% of clients) that a client has detox reactions after a session, but when they do, grounding and salt water baths really help this to dissipate quickly.  

  • Drinking. Drink A LOT of water! This helps if clearing things energetically caused things to clear physically, it also makes your body more connected to the subtle energy (a form of electricity) shifts we have been working on. 


Often times clients have a very powerful experience while they are with me doing the work or when I am doing it, if it is a distance session, but they let their mind (mental body) talk them out of believing in it or they talk themselves out of it being as important as it was when they were feeling it strongly. Don't give in to your monkey mind—the part of your brain that is controlled by fear. I have seen incredible things happen in a one hour session. Things that are very hard to put into words. I believe this work is sacred and I invite you to honor, respect, and trust your experience. 



Meditation is an amazing way of actually effecting your energy on a daily basis and clearing out the heavy or negative energy that can regularly get stuck in our system. Clients who do this, even just once within a week of a session, seem to get more out of the work. I recommend it for everyone, as often as feels right for you. 

  • If you want some ideas of how to get into this, look for our blog post about meditation basics with free resources and ideas. 


Working on our language is the work of a lifetime, but every bit of effort here pays off! It's been said that, “Where focus goes, energy flows,” and changing the way you talk about things really does change your focus in life. So often we are using dis-empowering language such as, "I can't afford this" or "Of course it didn't work out, my life is a mess; I am a mess." And on and on. If we make small alterations to the words we use, we can still be speaking what feels true to us without declaring that we are categorically something that we actually are not. Like, no one is a total mess. I don't care how much baggage you have or how distracted you can get. But when we say we are on a regular basis, it's like we are telling the world to make sure that reality sticks around. Do yourself a favor and speak truthfully and a bit more carefully and you will see your life gradually shift, just by doing this one thing.

*Please see the Aftercare Support page for additional information and resources.



Special Note for Distance Sessions:


Be Open

It is very common for me to hear someone say that they started feeling the effect of our work together hours before I start doing the work. It's an incredible thing, but within 24 hours before a distance session, I start to connect in with the energy of the person to make sure they will be ready for the session together, and clients actually feel that beforehand. Distance sessions are very special, and following the same principle that affects all sessions, the results are definitely influenced by being open its life-changing effect. 


Connect and Observe

For those of you who schedule a distance session for yourself or a loved one: Try to pause within 24 hours of the work and acknowledge what you are hoping for, connect with that intention and ask to feel and see the change. And then be very observant afterwards. You will be surprised at how much you see. 



This is the description for someone who is doing energy work for the first time . . . or who feels overwhelmed by the long description. It is important to engage with the work on the level that feels right for you. And so here is how to get the most out of your session for anyone starting down this path or needing to limit distractions as they focus on their sessions:  



  • Set an intention to get as much out of the session as possible and—only if you feel a gut feeling to add more—set a specific intention or a few intentions of something you want to clear away, resolve or learn in the session. You can use the preparation sheet for this, or just think on it as you drive to the session. 



  • Do your best to be present for the session. Let go of outside stresses and worries while you are doing the session (as much as you can, because we are all human). 

  • Be involved throughout: breathing deeply, feeling what you are feeling, repeating your intention if you remember to, and letting go of resistance by letting yourself feel everything fully (knowing you are in a safe space, specifically designed for this). Those who let themselves feel the most, tend to release the most. 



  • Drink water 

  • Ground (see more in long answer) 

  • Salt water bath (see more in long answer) 

  • Take 3 minutes and note anything important—truths that arose or anything that you felt to do or change. Do this as soon as possible and within 30 minutes of the session.

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