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What I'm reading right now

Anyone who knows me, knows I am always in the middle of at least a few good books. Here is my current list...

1. The Untethered Soul (By: Michael A. Singer)

2. The Dark Side of the Light Chasers (By: Debbie Ford)

3. Eastern Body, Western Mind (By: Anodea Judith)

4. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (By: Deepak Chopra)

5. Loving What Is (By: Byron Katie)

My FOREVER Books (the ones I read over and over again):

1. A New Earth (By: Eckhart Tolle)

2. Radical Acceptance (By: Tara Brach)

3. Letting Go (By: David R. Hawkins)

4. Chakra Yoga - By: Anodea Judith

5. The Four Agreements - By: Don Miguel Ruiz (I've read it before, just enjoying it again!)


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