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Daily Energy Maintenance

"Attending to your energy field is the same as bathing or dressing every day.”(1)

This is really true, but we haven’t been taught to do this. It wasn't until the last couple generations that mainstream western culture validated the importance of our emotional health. Before that, only mental and physical health were valid concerns, and before that, just physical.

We are now coming into a space where people talk about energy. We're re-discovering truths that many ancient civilizations already knew--that our energy health is fundamental to life and just as, if not more, important than our physical, mental, and emotional health. Because everything comes from energy. Before long, attending to our energy field will become a culturally normal, everyday practice.

So do some daily energy work!

Check-in. Feel the flow of energy through your body. Do a visualization if you don’t know how to connect to your energy without guidance (which is totally normal, we all have to learn). You may tune in right away, or it may require extensive practice before you discover your own frequency. If you're one who needs more time, don't give up! It's like remembering a language you used to speak, one that you are naturally attuned to, but haven't used for a very long time.

Try a new level of self-care and notice how good it feels. Do 5 to 10 minutes of energy work each day, or any time you feel off-center. One thing about energy work: it's fast! And the amount of time spent doesn’t matter as much as your intention to be open, to validate your true self, and release the things that are ready to go. Give it a try and discover your own ability to make shifts in your life by working with your energy.

(1) Energy Speaks by Lee Harris


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