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Plant Medicine

What is Plant Medicine? Why is there so much hype about it right now? How can plants and therapeutic agents be used responsibly?

Plant Medicine is a term used by many for the long list of plants and substances that create an altered mind state and facilitate spiritual or mentally expansive experiences.

Many of them are also called 'psychedelics' and have a historical connection in the U.S. to the hippie movement and non-conformist behavior, but there are many types of plant medicine and many ways to use them. Some of these substances are illegal, but many are not (see long list at the end of this article). They are experiencing a cultural comeback, with renewed popularity fueled by many things, but definitely supported by new scientific studies that seem to conclusively show their efficacy and safety for various common issues. Most therapeutic agents (another term used that is more inclusive and adds a few substances that are lab-created) show very positive effects on depression, PTSD and anxiety, along with other more nebulous benefits - like feeling you have a purpose and feeling peace around difficult topics like death.

BUT all of the experts agree that understanding these substances and the ground rules for safe use is essential to attaining positive results and experiences.

I have talked with MANY clients over the years on the topic of plant medicine and therapeutic agents. And, in that time, I have learned a lot about what creates safety and positive experiences and what is most likely to create a lack of safety and an increase in daily stress levels. And that is why I began recording the patterns I noticed and the foundational rules that create safety and so I can help those wanting to 'journey,' through substance use, to have a safe ride.

For more information about understanding plant medicine and therapeutic agents, contact Deborah and ask about her next group medicine conversation.

Contact her at:

Here is a list of therapeutic agents and plant medicines commonly used. Some are legal; some are not; and many are somewhere in between:

Cacao (raw chocolate)



Rapé or sacred tobacco snuff



White Lily



Ololiuqui/Morning Glory Seeds/Hawaiian Baby




Kava and damiana

San Pedro, Torch Cactus or Huachuma

Mushrooms or Psylocibin

Ayahuasca and similar forms from Acacia or Mimosa

Iboga or Ibogaine

Bufo Dimethyltryptamine or DMT

LSD or Acid

MDMA and MDA or Ecstasy

Mescaline or Peyote

*Coming to Clarity and Deborah Wells do not provide medical advice and do not endorse the use of illegal substances or illegal behaviors. Any information given is purely educational in nature and for informational purposes only. Clients and customers understand that Coming to Clarity and Deborah Wells claim no responsibility for individual's actions and that any thoughts shared are for informational purposes only.  


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