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I’ll sleep when I’m dead - and other witty retorts that don't work out very well

This short article is about all the reasons we decide to put off healing, resting, and allowing ourselves to deal with life in a healthy way.

All my life I have watched movies and read books that idolize figures that get-it-done. You know what I'm talking about, they focus so much on a task or fixing a problem that they don’t eat, sleep or do anything else. And somehow, in shows at least, they achieve amazing feats and people love them for it, despite them isolating themselves and living a totally unbalanced life. I have always loved the idea that you can (maybe) be an island and be totally self-sufficient, getting everything done all on your own and without needing food or rest. It's the idea that shear determination is enough. That you can be a powerhouse because you decided to and push through the tiredness, loneliness and whatever else comes up.

How that plays out in real life is not so pretty though. You end up with no long term relationships, being overweight (from stress and lack of sleep ), chronically tired and sick with anxiety issues and addictions… because if you don’t have healthy coping habits and if you don’t prioritize taking care of yourself, then you aren’t going to do anything well and you will eventually turn to things that make you feel good in the short term because you feel pretty crappy most of the time.

So, take care. Get rest. Prioritize relationships and living in the moment and you can be even more amazing at work because you have energy and a desire to achieve for healthy reasons, not just because you have to prove you have value.


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