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Quick ways to shift your energy

Energy work at its most basic, is doing anything that moves your energy into alignment with your highest self.

It's amazing how many things you can do to shift your energy, but below is a beginner's list of simple and quick tools to shift out the heavy energy and let in the light, bright, loving energy of life.

When can you use these? Whenever you feel like you are in a low vibration space - heavy, down, negative, or frustrated. In difficult moments, these can be handy tools to shift quickly out of the space you are in and into a better one.


Set your intention to move the junk out and let the good stuff in. For example: I want to let go of whatever is feeling heavy right now.


Try out any of these practices:

Deep breaths* (I'll post more on my favorite types of breathwork in another blog)

Essential oils - smell it and take 3 deep breaths as you do. You can even apply it to the bottom of your feet with carrier oil if you want a longer lasting change. Choose whatever calls to you. If you'd like a starting point, citrus oils are known for their ability to shift depression-like symptoms. Cedarwood and lavender are two great choices for anxiety

Meditation - See our Meditation 101 post for practical meditation guidance.

Exercise - move your body while being connected to feeling what you’re feeling. This is so effective! But, be aware that sometimes we use exercise to block feelings or avoid them (e.g. run from them). If you are letting them come to the surface, this is an amazing way to move into a new space (literally, haha). :)

Ground - Stand outside in socks, bare feet or shoes that don't have any rubber or plastic (blocks electricity and we are working with subtle energy which is a form of electricity). Standing outside for even 30 seconds really makes a difference, and somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes is ideal.

Mental Detox - Ask, what is this trying to teach me? What am I supposed to learn? Journal and release all your feelings in words.

Sound - use music, a sound bowl or sound check (make a noise that expresses what you are feeling right now) to shift your energy

YouTube - Get on YouTube and listen to free recordings of sound baths, solfeggio frequencies or hypnosis

Gratitude - List 5 things you are grateful for out loud

Inspiration - Read an inspiring quote

Connection - Talk to someone that you feel totally safe with and be totally open and honest

Intention Work - Do some intention work*

There are SO many other ways to shift your energy into a lighter and brighter space. I hope you will share your thoughts with me - what has been helpful for you to shift your energy in difficult moments? (Please login to the website and post below!)

*All of these items either have a blog post already written about them with more detail or blogs on these topics will be written shortly!! ;)


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